Apple Engineer Reveals Why the First iPhone Lacked Copy/Paste Function

The primary iPhone which debuted in 2007, didn’t function copy and paste functionality, and a former Apple engineer might have lastly defined the explanation.

Ken Kocienda joined Apple in 2001 and was a key engineer on the preliminary iPhone improvement group. On Sunday, Kocienda introduced a hilarious story about why the first-generation Apple cellphone lacked a duplicate and paste function.

The straightforward clarification, in accordance with Kocienda, is that the group didn’t have time to “get it nicely” earlier than the primary iPhone arrived. The previous Apple engineer said that he was engaged on the keyboard, autocorrect, and textual content capabilities of the gadget.

After the iPhone was launched, the group started engaged on the copy and paste perform. Kocienda went on to say that the “magnifying textual content loupe,” which might zoom in on the textual content on a consumer’s finger was his idea.

One other intriguing truth Kocienda offered was concerning the preliminary iPhone’s textual content system. The programmer particularly stated that WebKit powered virtually the entire content material.

“When it comes to the textual content system, all editable styled textual content on the primary iPhone was supported by WebKit,” he defined. “Small web sites have been scattered all through the system. Every multiline UITextView served as its personal net web page.”

Kocienda claimed that he was well-prepared for the task as a result of he introduced textual content modifying to WebKit between 2003 and 2005.

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