Benefits of installing LED panels in your office

LED panel lights are modern lights to replace fluorescent light fixtures in indoor spaces, conveniently office spaces. They are relatively new in the market but rapidly replacing traditional light fixtures. LED panel lights are modern and as professional as it gets. Their slim and sleek design profile makes them the best choice for lighting solutions. 

These lights are available in 2-8 feet and even larger sizes, making them a good fit for offices, restaurants, hospitals, etc. 

They gained popularity in recent times because their design features are engineered to deliver all sorts of lighting needs. They have now set the trend for being the most compatible, efficient and affordable lighting technology in the market. 


The guide plate houses led on its surface. It is made up of optical material. 


LEDs are arranged on the guide plate to reflect off another plate’s surface, which diverts light outwards. 


The diffuser works with the guide plate to create soft, glare-free light distributed throughout the panel’s surface uniformly. 


The framer back of the panel houses the guide plate and adds finishing to the fixture. It is made up of aluminum, a durable metal that makes the fixture resistant to many considerably damaging factors. 

They are customizable 

These panels are available in different sizes and customizations because of their sleek features and LEDs’ arrangement on the guide plate. This allows them to be cut into any shape or size, and it is highly efficient as they can be used in spaces where the installation of other fixtures is almost impossible.

Resistant to breakage and corrosion

The acrylic material used in panels is resistant to corrosion and shattering. They are surface protected against a variety of environmental factors.  It enables a uniform spread of light across and alongside the edges of the panel. 

This makes them super suitable for use in areas where environmental factors impact the life of the fixture, and maintenance is a huge problem. LED rids the idea of frequent maintenance, which accounts for low costs and savings in the long run. So for office spaces, this is a very beneficial factor. 

Installation options 

LED panels, alongside being very customizable, can also be installed in several ways. They support four different kinds of installation options. 


Panels can directly recess into the ceiling, mostly compatible with shallow ceiling 


LED panels have brackets at the back of the fixture, which allows them to suspend from ceilings through pendants or chains in high ceiling areas. 


Panel lights can be practically mounted on any surface and used for backlighting, downlighting, and accent lighting. 


Build-in panels can be installed during construction and most suited for new spaces. 

LED panel lights are an innovative and modern solution to lighting needs in large commercial and mostly office spaces. They have several benefits as these panel lights are designed keeping in mind their usage and being LED integrated, they have longer life spans considering their regular use of up to 8 or 12 hours. 

They can be adjusted according to the ambience and enhance the interior design; practically, these panels can be used for both general and moody lighting. 

LED lighting technology makes instant starts possible. There is no flickering or any other disruption, while the lighting shade and tones can be adjusted because of the high CRI index and adjustable colour temperature. Most of the led panels have an option to dim the light.

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