SEO Tips seo company Dominican Republic closes border amid escalating tensions with Haiti

Dominican Republic closes border amid escalating tensions with Haiti

Dominican Republic’s President Luis Abinader has declared the closure of the nation’s border with its adjoining neighbor, Haiti. 

This shutdown was slated to begin at 6 a.m. native time on Friday, September 15, intensifying the present strains between the 2 nations.

Diplomatic dialogues floor

Two days previous to this closure, the Haitian authorities make clear its ongoing discussions with Dominican representatives. 

The dialogue was sparked by a regarding menace posed by President Abinader. 

Although the assertion from Haiti’s Ministry of Overseas Affairs was succinct, it underscored the joint dedication of each nations to determine a “truthful and definitive” resolution over the rivalry surrounding the Bloodbath River. 

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This river delineates the pure border between them on the island of Hispaniola. Echoing the sentiment, the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Overseas Affairs affirmed that the talks did certainly transpire, with the shared hope of arriving at a conclusive decision.

Visa vexation provides to the strains

Issues took an extra downturn earlier this week. 

President Abinader revealed a halt in visa issuance to Haitians, intensifying the present rifts between the nations. 

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Accompanying this announcement was a transparent warning – a possible full stoppage in land, air, and sea communications if the canal issues weren’t settled by the week’s finish.

Controversial canal conundrum

On the coronary heart of the rivalry lies a canal mission located on Haitian territory. The initiative has sparked debates and inquiries in regards to the legitimacy of its excavation approvals.

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