Prevention and revisions from the age of fifty

The easiest way to age healthily is to dwell a wholesome life
with out contemplating this assertion as pointless. A balanced weight loss plan, common
bodily exercise and avoiding poisonous habits similar to tobacco are the principle standards
to attain this objective, even when genetics play a particular position in getting old. It ought to
be taken into consideration that the getting old course of is accompanied by a progressive
degradation of the tissues and capabilities of the organism and that the household
historical past might have an necessary particular weight on this regard.

In view of this, common medical exams after age 50 needs to be a fundamental follow, both common, routine or particular. That is the one strategy to detect quite a lot of age-related ailments at an early stage to start remedy as quickly as attainable and thus management the illness and keep high quality of Way of life Opinions.

On this sense, there are several types of medical exams
and assessments that have to be carried out after 50 years:

Annual evaluation.

 Routine blood strain monitoring
needs to be maintained and a blood check carried out not less than yearly to
management, amongst different issues, ldl cholesterol and blood glucose ranges. The
elevation over the traditional values ​​of any of them implies including a danger issue
towards cardiovascular ailments.

Opinions with the dentist.

 Getting old entails, for instance, the lack of
elasticity of the periodontal tissue and, due to this fact, a retraction of the
gums. A go to each six months to the dentist and the efficiency of a
skilled dental cleansing will enable sustaining good oral well being.

Ophthalmologic checkups. 

The measurement of intraocular strain each two years is
important. And from the age of 65 endure an annual eye test that additionally
contains the fundus to be able to detect attainable retinal alterations, in
addition to research to detect different eye ailments of getting old, similar to cataracts,
glaucoma or macular degeneration Additionally, it’s advisable to test your eyes
frequently to manage myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Auditory capability evaluation. 

Listening to loss will be regular from a sure age, so from 65
years of age it is strongly recommended to carry out a evaluation sometimes to test the
listening to capability. Earlier than if any auditory abnormality is observed.

Urological revision in males. 

Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate most cancers are two
pathologies to which age is a figuring out danger issue. The efficiency of
an evaluation to measure the PSA and a rectal examination to detect the attainable
improve within the dimension of the prostate needs to be completed yearly from 45-50 years.


This check permits to detect breast most cancers in its preliminary
part, thus growing the possibilities of treatment. It have to be completed as soon as each two
years from 40 and yearly from 50

Gynecological session

The 50 years of age represent a important second within the
lady’s life as a result of arrival of menopause. That’s the reason on this interval
gynecological exams change into extra related.

Colorectal most cancers. 

It’s a longtime undeniable fact that from 45-50 years all individuals
ought to endure a stool check to detect tumor markers which may be indicative of
one of these most cancers and permit an early analysis to be established.

Bone densitometry.  

It’s a check to which girls who’ve handed menopause ought to
particularly endure to measure the diploma of bone mineralization. The loss
of estrogen favors the lower in bone density and, as a consequence, the
growth of osteoporosis, which considerably will increase the chance of

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