You can now sign up to buy Spotify’s Car Thing, but you probably shouldn’t

Spotify makes it easier to reach his first hardware device, the Car Thing, by opening a waiting list to buy the device that everyone can participate from today. The upside is that the streaming service’s previously invite-only product now costs $79.99 when it was free with paid shipping and processing.

While Spotify allows anyone with an account to sign up for its waiting list, be it free or premium, you still need a premium account to actually use the device. Also, with its new price of $79.99, it’s worth re-examining what the Car Thing can do.

The Car Thing comes with a selection of fixings for your car.
Image: Spotify

The Car Thing is not a standalone Spotify device. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and uses a phone’s internet connection to stream and play songs and podcasts from the Spotify library. The Car Thing also relies entirely on your phone’s Bluetooth, USB, or auxiliary cable connection to your car, essentially turning the device into a glorified Spotify remote.

In our hands-on with the Car Thing, the included voice controls (“Hey Spotify) were helpful, but that might not matter if your built-in stereo does the same. The Car Thing is only limited – although Spotify plans to update it – and it’s no longer “free” I’d recommend really considering whether it’s worth it before signing up to buy one.

You can sign up for Spotify’s Car Thing waiting list on the company’s website.

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